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Opulent Smoothness and Elegance

Keratin Treatment by Jean Paul Myne

  • 5 timer 30 minutter
  • From: 2699 to 3299
  • Anka's Style | Jernbanegade 2, 6933 Kibæk

Beskrivelse af service

We will work together to select the most suitable Keratin treatment for your hair, tailored to your individual needs and based on your hair color and structure. Keratin Plus GOLD Infinity Plus ICE Infinity PLUS Price starting from.....................2699,- to 3299,- The required duration for service completion varies based on the specific hair treatment needed, commencing from................4t 30 min to 5t 30 min With ORGANIC Keratin by Jean Paul Myne, there is a guarantee that it will last for at least 5 months. But there are many who can go up to a year.


  • Jernbanegade 2, 6933 Kibæk, Denmark


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