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Om vores brugte produkter


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OCRYS  -My hair Care Mantra
This treatment can only be ordered with another treatment (OXILOCK PLASMA RESET) All types of hair need a hair cure that strengthens the hair, nourishes, keeps the color and gives the hair shine. This hair cure is made from proteins and fats. Scalp massage is included in this treatment. Jean Paul Mynè Ocrys - A great harmony among Scalp, Hair and Soul

Daily life is full of responsibilities: work, sports activities, and family. Give yourself a moment of relaxing and restore your body and soul with harmony. Jean Paul Mynè Ocrys is a new concept of haircare reminding the philosophy of mindfulness: enhancing the importance of each person, it offers customized solutions for all types of hair and scalp.
Ocrys is an amazing range of 100% vegan shampoo, conditioner, and masks with plant and mineral origin ingredients only. Free from chemical surfactants (SLS and SLES), all these new formulas enhance the skin while protecting hair effectively. Jean Paul Mynè Ocrys is really innovative: all its products can be freely mixed together and create an endless variety of customized treatments. OXILOCK PLASMA RESET the product makes it possible to eliminate the interference which can compromise the excellent results of any chemical or non-chemical treatment. The result is soft, bright, revitalized, stronger and your scalp will be very clean –experienceing a wonderful feeling of lightness and well-being.

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OXILOCK PLASMA AMAZING is a sensational deep reconstructing hair treatment, enriched with precious amino acids and horsetail and developed to work in synergy with OXILOCK PLASMA MIRACLE COME TRUE.
A rapid replenishing treatment for hair that leaves it:

What does it do?
It aids and boosts the action of OXILOCK PLASMA, even on severely damaged hair, repairing the fiber for longer, increasing resistance to breakage and leaving hair looking unbeatably shiny and soft.
Hair is mainly made up of keratin which, in turn, consists mostly of amino acids. These amino acids are important for the well-being of hair, as this additional structure helps strengthen the fiber.

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Thermo Repair Top Up is a “BOTOX effect” treatment resulting from the JEAN PAUL MYNÈ research activity. Its action is an immediate hair “top-up” in all respect giving maximum plumping, volumizing, reinforcing effect, for a sensational brightness and a top softness.

RECONSTRUCTION AND PERFECT ENDS by Jean Paul Myne complete line for providing new services for hair health and regeneration both at home and in the salon. Rich in Ceramide 3 and Meadows Foam, this line has been formulated for customers who love their hair and want to enjoy an affordable luxury hair revitalizing and reinvigorating treatment.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: the substances of natural origin derived from the “meadows foam” (Limnantes Alba), CERAMIDE 3, a complex of vitamin E + B3 + provitamin B5.


Thermo repair TOP-UP "BOTOX" can be used in combination with RESET in order to have a complete hair reconstruction from the inner sulfur bridges to the outer shell layer.

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DOC Color by Jean Paul Myne
Not only did I get new colors in the salon - we got the most secure and innovative colors on the market - DOC Color, which just deliver the desired result every time. From the very deep to the light or pastel colors.
DOC Color is on a base of Aloe Vera, Spirulina, Olive Oil and a complex of amino acids. DOC Color is 100% Vegan, Organic and free of ammonia and perfume free. You will experience well-being and quality not seen before in the world of hair color.
With DOC Color eliminates the heavy odor and irritating color edges that hair colors (until DOC Color) have emitted.

Color JUICE by Jean Paul Myne
Organisk, Vegansk & Crueltyfree

Like all our other products, Color Juicer is ORGANIC, VEGAN & CRUELTYFREE.
Color Juice is enriched with PLANT BASED natural enzymes from aloe vera, essential oils and other ash.
All of them provide a moisturizing and ultra-nourishing treatment, as well as a comfort and experience in cream colors not seen before.
The base in Color Juice is ALOE VERA - UP TO 75%. We have removed all water from our cream colors to make room for SPIRULINA, RISKLID OIL, 13 carefully selected AMINO ACIDS and our SMART nano color particles.
All of them provide the perfect result and protection of hair and scalp. All colors are free of PPD and RECORCINOL and you will find no traces of NICKEL.

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DOC OLEODEC by Jean Paul Myne

DOC OLEODEC is the world's first bleaching powder in an oil bath and free of ammonia and "dust clouds". It provides a highly effective bleaching process while being gentle on the scalp.
The base in Oleodec is OLIVE, RIS, ARGAN & BABBASU OIL as well as MEADOW FOAM. All this helps to provide an effective and gentle shine on the hair.
The cream works for up to 120 minutes and does not dry out. At the same time, it takes care of the hair. Lights up to 7 tones.

DOC POWDERDEC Blå by Jean Paul Myne
DOC POWDERDEC Blue bleach without ammonia. Guarantees fast and efficient illumination, even with low stain strength. With respect to the structure of the hair.
Lights up to 8 tones.
Blue powder helps control and neutralize yellowish tones. Enriched with active emollient ingredients. This ammonia-free bleaching, with softening ingredients, such as organic Xanthan gum and organic Guar gum, is the best ally in terms of high quality brightening powder which works without damaging the hair's internal structure.
FROZEN DECO Blå by Jean Paul Myne

Frozen Deco +9 guarantees fast and efficient illumination, even with low % Beize. All with respect to the structure of the hair.
Lights up to 9 tones.
Blue powder helps control and neutralize yellowish tones. Frozen Deco is enriched with active emollient ingredients such as organic Guar gum. This makes Frozen Deco the best ally in terms of high quality lightening powder, which works without damaging the hair's internal structure.

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With ORGANIC Color and Brightening Powder by Jean Paul Myne
Balayage is the biggest trend of the time for long hair color / brightening techniques.
The technique gives a beautiful and natural look. The trick is to create dimension in the hair, while the colors almost slip together, down the hair.
Depth and tones vary according to your preference.
A balayage treatment is very individual and therefore it is important to me that we have a dialogue about your wishes, the history of your hair, etc.
- If you have, for example, dyed your hair home, it is important to tell it before we start the treatment. Home dyed hair is hard to brighten.
If you want a darker bottom, the price for a bottom color is paid in addition.
Fading brightening technique. Very natural and incredibly beautiful. This treatment always includes Oxilock PLASMA and toning, in addition to highlights. Note that the price may vary, if your hair is very thick / long.



When ordering a color treatment with us your price is based on the hair length – between short, shoulder-length, long or very / thick long hair. This can be difficult to judge for yourself, which is why we created this little guide.




Short hair
You should choose short hair if your hair is no longer than the cheekbones of the sides. For example, if you have a BOB, choose shoulder length / medium length.





Shoulder-long hair
You should choose shoulder long hair if you have a BOB or your hair is between the cheekbones and shoulder.
If your hair goes under your shoulder, book for long hair.





Long hair
You should book for long hair if your hair is longer than for the shoulders. If your hair is longer than mid-back or very strong, choose very long / thick hair.

Very long / thick hair
You need to book for very long / thick hair if your hair is longer than the middle of the back or very heavy, this is because the hairdresser needs more time for treatment.

Striber, Balayage, Dameklip, farve.jpeg
Striber, Balayage, Dameklip, farve.jpeg.
Striber, Balayage, Dameklip, farve.jpeg.
Striber, Balayage, Dameklip, farve.jpeg.
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